Every Accounting professional considers themselves to be a trusted advisor, but often there are many opportunities missed when offering advice to clients. Firms offer a multitude of services, even beyond the traditional services of tax and assurance, like wealth management, valuation, transaction advisory, cost segregation, etc. and these are differentiating them from their competitors who only stick to traditional services. But, what most are missing is offering solid business advice for things like strategy, operations, sales growth and sales management, pricing, organization and culture, marketing, training, compensation, etc. Most accountants don’t have a way to assess their client’s opportunities for improvement and offer subsequent advice. Or, if they do offer advice, it is delivered on a one-time basis which discards potential efficiencies and often comes from the highest levels in the organization, which doesn’t offer a training ground for the less experienced professionals in the firm.

As far as practice management, the most progressive firms are taking hold of this idea that as their client’s trusted business advisor, they should be advising their client about their business. And, this advice should be focused on what the future looks like for the client, not what happened to the client in the past.


SOAR to Strategic Excellence™ is a business system and suite of tools created by The Parkland Group, Inc. SOAR is designed to help businesses, non-profits and organizations measure their effectiveness and identify ways to improve performance and profitability. It also provides a path for making changes to capitalize on those opportunities. The program has many tools which establish a foundation for better buy-in from the employees who participate.  Because SOAR uses cutting edge technology, the results are much faster, much clearer and better utilized. SOAR was designed by discarding traditional management consulting methods and has proven to be much more efficient and effective than other approaches.

The SOAR program is facilitated by highly trained Certified SOAR Consultants (CSCs) from The Parkland Group as well as licensed partners throughout North America. These CSCs, many of whom are practicing CPAs, have been certified after completing a rigorous training program and constantly update their skills to ensure the program is delivered with the highest standards and quality.  Jennifer Rote Goddard is the President of The Parkland Group and a Certified SOAR Consultant

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