The phenomenal success realized by companies using SOAR's Corporate Body Scan process can be attributed to a number of factors which include:

  • It is based on self-assessment, not an outsider's view of the organization.
  • Buy-In is immediate, and the quest for improvement begins the very next morning.
  • It takes just one day, with results provided at the end of the day.
  • Requires minimal preparation.
  • Develops cohesion between management, middle-management and workers.
  • Details the unique opportunities available to the company AND suggests the priority in which they should be implemented.
  • Is affordable; the work session and report average a fraction of the cost of a traditional consulting assessment.
  • Examines vitually every facet of the organization, delivering an action plan that brings results.
  • Benchmarks the company against world-class performance.
  • Provides a standard against which future improvements can be measured. Organizations often repeat SOAR events annually to refine priorities for the upcoming year.
  • Uncovers problems before they surface, allowing organizations to address these issues proactively.

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