The process to begin using the SOAR to Strategic ExcellenceTM program is as follows:

  • Select individuals from a firm are chosen (multiple factors are provided to identify candidates).
  • There are many training options.  Each individual selects the level of training that is the best fit for them.  Trainees can choose foundation courses to help them have a more structured business advisory conversation with clients through more advanced courses that are preparation for certification to use the SOAR tools. 
  • All Certified SOAR Consultants in Training must begin with the two day SOAR overview course. Once they complete the training and the required exam, they can begin using The Corporate Body ScanTM and other fundamental SOAR tools with their clients.
  • All other tools are optional.


  • There is a license agreement for trainees who want to be certified to use SOAR tools (Certified SOAR Consultant).

The support in using the SOAR to Strategic Excellence program is as follows :
As part of the license agreement, all Certified SOAR Consultants receive:

  • Marketing resources (content for marketing materials, testimonials, power point presentations, SOAR style guide and training covers Selling SOAR)
  • Consulting resources (training material, step by step resource guide, checklists)

For an additional fee, Certified SOAR Consultants or SOAR Trainees can also access:

  • Additional Marketing, Sales or Consulting help (Sales or Consulting coaching, in-person support for sales calls or seminars, help with preparation for sales calls, etc)


  • The SOAR web-based software provides a structure and support for working with your clients
  • Deliverables in the form of SOARcardTM's and comprehensive reports are produced making the consulting process vastly more efficient than traditional methods
  • Cutting edge technology puts you in the position to provide world class consulting

Contact Jennifer Rote Goddard at 216.496.7699 or to receive more detailed information about how you can utilize the SOAR to Strategic ExcellenceTM program.

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