SOAR in the News

Smart Business : How to ask the right questions and increase your business when sales growth is elusive

The challenge is to focus on growth in a slow-growing economy, and everyone is going to have to be better at sales strategy and execution.  See what Larry Goddard said in Smart Business about what companies can do to better focus on growing sales.

Accounting Today – Midsized firms need to be in consulting

Midsized companies need access to business-improvement skills and knowledge. No other organization is better positioned to provide that information than an accounting firm.  See what Larry Goddard said in Accounting Today about Midsized Accounting Firms being best positioned to provide management consulting services to their cilents.

The Greater Lansing Business Monthly : SOAR to Strategic Excellence™

To maintain and build revenues and profitability in the current conditions, businesses need to expand their focus from just cost reduction to improving their strategic and organizational effectiveness. See what Gary Climes of licensee Andrews Hooper Pavlik PLC said in the Greater Lansing Business Monthly about SOAR.

Richland County Considers SOAR to Strategic ExcellenceTM

January 23, 2008 – WMFD in Mansfield, Ohio – Leaders in Richland County associated with local business entities, economic development and local government met at the Richland County Job and Family Services to hear a presentation from a consulting firm, in an effort to improve economic development in the county. Larry Goddard developed the Program "SOAR to Strategic Excellence" which he said is a tool to help businesses improve performance and profitability. He said the patent-pending program will equip the business with an in-depth assessment of its health and effectiveness, an early warning system to identify potential business ailments and threats and gives recommendations for business growth and a prioritized action plan. According to Goddard the program only takes one day and it very cost-effective. He also said a program like this would benefit Richland County Job and Family Services because when an entity improves their performance and profitability it causes growth, which in turn creates more jobs.

Click here to see SOAR to Strategic Excellence on WMFD TV
Industry Week : New Strategies Bring New Opportunities

“We had, in fact, underestimated the value that we provide to customers; value that our customers were willing to pay for.” See what Industry Week says companies are saying about SOAR.

Business Technology : Consulting Software ‘SOARS’ to Success

“Change isn’t difficult when people take ownership of change, and SOAR creates instant ownership.” See what Business Technology says companies are saying about SOAR.