SOAR Growth Strategies™ Process

SOAR Growth Strategies™ is compact process that is developed in a few days!

It is designed to generate a comprehensive plan for the business to significantly improve performance, profitability and value. 

SOAR is technology-driven process. Sophisticated algorithms and checklists facilitate vastly more effective and extensive value-creation initiatives – in a fraction of the time – compared to other strategic planning or growth processes.

The process starts with the FREE 10-Minute Survey. Once the results of the FREE Survey are revealed, the Company is then offered to participate the in the more detailed One-Hour Survey. This drills down into the areas with the most opportunity as identified by the FREE Survey – to identify the initial list of Opportunities, Possibilities & Necessities (“OPNs”)

The Company is also offered the opportunity to prepare some additional optional advanced preparation analyses, as indicated in the table below, to enhance the data and insights for the Workshops. 

The Workshop usually takes 10-20 hours, depending on the levels of complexity and consensus. This can be done in multiple formats including full day sessions, half day sessions or shorter sessions. It can be done in-person or remotely via video communications.

The goals of the Workshop are:

  1. Discuss, brainstorm – and achieve consensus on – the data, observations and conclusions from the Surveys and Workshop Preparation.
  2. Refine, value & prioritize the most beneficial OPNs.
  3. Analyse & understand the past and likely future evolution of the Industry and Markets.
  4. Develop Growth Plan, Vision & Goals.

The Surveys and Workshop should be completed by as many members of the management team as possible. Input from managers from different departments, skill-sets, viewpoints, locations and disciplines increase the insights and value of the data and output.

Effective and diligent Implementation, which begins after the Workshop, significantly enhances success. The keys to successful implementation are:

  1. Unquestioned top management commitment.
  2. An effective project management system.
  3. Extensive collaboration, accountability and communication.
  4. Investing 15-25% of management time in strategic thinking and analysis.
  5. Generating an effective system to gather market intelligence – and adapting OPNs and strategic positioning based on changes in markets, technological evolution, customer needs and competitor actions.