About SOAR Growth Strategies™

SOAR Growth Strategies™ is a unique and highly effective business value enhancement and strategic planning process. It is part of the patented SOAR to Strategic Excellencebusiness improvement program.

It allows small and medium-sized businesses to:

  • Rapidly (in a few hours!) identify significant value creation opportunities – in the form of

Opportunities – Profit and/or value enhancing activities – that are not a stretch from current capabilities – which might be considered low-hanging fruit.

Possibilities – Profit and/or value enhancing activities that might be a stretch from current capabilities – which might be considered to be out-of-the-box thinking.

Necessities – Actions that might not have a direct impact on profit enhancement – but are necessary to execute the business plan, maintain competencies or competitive position – or protect, preserve or strengthen the organization.

  • Prioritize the Opportunities, Possibilities and Necessities (“OPN”) that are highly likely to result in significant enhancement in the revenue, profitability and value of the business.
  • Assign individuals or teams to develop OPN Action Plans to implement the actions in a highly effective and collaborative manner.
  • Develop and maintain a Strategic Thinking culture in the organization – where the whole organization is focused on understanding, debating, enhancing and implementing the OPNs – taking into account evolving internal and external circumstances and conditions.

The Survey is broken down into the 4 key elements of SOAR and business success:

  1. Strategy & Growth
  2. Organization & Culture
  3. Accounting, Finance & IT
  4. Responsiveness & Execution

SOAR starts with a FREE 10-Minute survey – which reveals how much potential the business has to improve performance, profitability and value.

Based on the results of the FREE 10-minute survey, the business is then offered the opportunity to take a more-comprehensive ONE-HOUR survey. This survey does a deep-dive into the areas of the FREE survey identified as areas of Value Enhancement Opportunity for the business.

The output of the ONE-HOUR survey is:

  1. A prioritized list of the most significant Opportunities, Possibilities and Necessities (“OPN”) available to the business.
  2. The company’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats, Culture/Values and Value Proposition.
  3. The past and expected future evolution of the company’s markets and industry.

The business is then offered the opportunity to participate in a 10-20 hour “Workshop” that:

  1. Validates, confirms and modifies, where necessary, the output from the two surveys.
  2. Narrows the list of OPNs to the one’s that are most important and valuable for the business to pursue.
  3. Sets the Vision and Goals for the future

After the Workshop, the business is then offered to undergo an “Implementation” process that:

  1. Develops detailed Action Plans for all the key Opportunities, Possibilities and Necessities.
  2. Manages a team-based implementation process to execute the Action Plans developed.

Click HERE for the first part of the process which is the FREE 10-minute survey!!