SOAR Growth Strategies™

SOAR Growth Strategies is part of the SOAR to Strategic Excellence™, a patented and unique process developed by Larry Goddard and his colleagues at The Parkland Group, Inc. SOAR helps businesses analyze and improve their effectiveness, performance, profitability, growth and strategy.SOAR Growth Strategy is a technology-assisted process developed based on over 20 years of research into some of the world’s highest performing businesses – like Southwest Airlines, Home Depot, Progressive Insurance, Nucor Steel. It is a collaborative process that helps the company gain manager and employee buy-in, focus and accountability. It also includes an implementation module that significantly improves the effectiveness and success of implementation.

Operating a business in these uncertain times is incredibly challenging. Fluctuating markets, aggressive competitors, challenges in finding qualified and motivated employees, government actions and regulations – and demanding customers – squeeze every organization at every level – and it is not letting up. Businesses need to be firing on all cylinders to not only survive – but THRIVE – in this highly competitive and unpredictable world. SOAR Growth Strategies gives businesses the tools to THRIVE in good and challenging circumstances.