Each Certified SOAR Consultant (CSC) has successfully passed a rigorous screening process designed to ensure that CSCs have the qualifications, experience and mentoring approach to ensure participants have the very best SOAR result. CSCs undergo an intensive SOAR to Strategic Excellence™ training program conducted by The Parkland Group personnel who developed this unique program.

CSC training is focused on two key areas of the SOAR experience:

  • Ability to facilitate the SOAR to Strategic Excellence™ tools.We ensure the CSC understands the power and insight of the  proprietary system used to solicit and analyze data and how to  interpret the results.
  • The technical skills to assist organizations in the implementation of any and all parts of the action developed after the SOAR results have been delivered.

CSCs also attend continuing education programs to keep them up-to-date on program enhancements, new techniques, new Consultant skills and recent trends.The SOAR to Strategic Excellence tools are licensed for use by a number of highly respected organizations. Please contact us to learn more about our partners.