Top-Down Vision & Bottom-Up Management

A Collaborative and Motivational Path to Business Success
by Larry Goddard and The Parkland Team (York Publishing, 2002)

Top-Down Vision and Bottom-Up Management is the culmination of ten years of research and work by one of the country’s leading boutique business-enhancement consulting firms. It introduces the unique concept of collaborative management-a highly effective path to maximize the talents and contributions of the entire organization-to facilitate motivation, productivity, customer satisfaction and financial success.
The book’s central theme is the need for a true partnership between management and employees. Both groups play vital, yet different, roles in achieving success. Leaders are responsible for developing and communicating an inspiring Vision for the business. Employees throughout the company are given the opportunity to participate actively in developing and implementing the plans to turn the Vision into reality.

Top-Down Vision and Bottom-Up Management;
A Collaborative and Motivational Path to Business Success.
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