What people say about SOAR


  “Intellectually rigorous & honest . . . Clear consensus . . . Gives us direction. . . .Prioritizing activities necessary to improve . . . Immediate return on investment”
Chardon Rubber
“Got us to face up to our strengths and weaknesses . . . Allowed us to learn &
grow . . . Much more powerful than traditional consultative approach . . .
We owned the analysis . . . Much more energized management team”
“ . . . your insight helped us to identify the challenges we face with our company culture as we navigate several key transitions. . . We understand that the work to be done will take time, but the roadmap that resulted from the SOAR event will help to guide us as we press forward.”                   Tread Corporation “A diagnosis of the company which was utilized to benchmark the company against others . . . Focuses on possibilities while addressing issues in a very straightforward manner, aligning the Board and management to take appropriate action.”
“SOAR identified meaningful, timely and useful information that has enhanced our focus. It was money and time well spent.”
“Stimulating and productive from many perspectives . . . Helped to sharpen focus on other areas where we can be better . . . Allowed all of the Team to look at the business differently and to openly see how all areas interrelate . . . A very good team building event.”
Landmark Plastic
“Very valuable . . . Identified opportunities to improve that we were ‘blind’ to . . . more focused & motivated . . . Excellent tool”
General Chemical
“We have been extremely pleased with the results . . . our monthly shipments have increased more than 25% per month during the past six months. I highly recommend The Parkland Group and a SOAR event to any company that wishes to improve their bottom line performance.”     Libra 
“One of the innovative tools Parkland has created is the SOAR Corporate Body Scan. We were proud to partner with Parkland to develop the Non-Profit version. This approach has already produced runaway results in the corporate world, and we anticipate the same for the non-profit sector.”
“We felt the time and money was well spent and the process brought out many areas to focus on to improve many aspects of our company. The SOAR process worked as advertised and has helped us immensely.”
“We are convinced that by the end of our first twelve months we will have received a very good return on a rather modest investment. Just as importantly, we will have increased our stature in the community.”
Blythe White